David W. Ford

David Ford is President and Co-Founder at Oakhurst. With partners David helped form Oakhurst as a boutique asset manager offering institutional-quality alternative based mutual funds to investment advisors and their clients. Founded in 2015, Oakhurst focuses exclusively on alternative investments, creating innovative portfolio solutions seeking to help advisors manage portfolio risk.  Mr. Ford is responsible for the overall organization and development of the firm and each investment developed. Mr. Ford’s professional experience includes the design, development, and marketing of investment products including mutual funds, variable annuities and real estate investments.  Mr. Ford’s mutual fund experience includes funds developed for Integrated Resources Funds Group, The Fidelity Advisor Funds, Aetna Mutual Funds Group, Bluerock Funds Group (Co-Founder); and most recently Vertical Capital Funds.  Mr. Ford’s variable annuity experience includes investments developed for Integrated Resources Asset Management; Monarch Life, and Aetna. Mr. Ford’s real estate experience includes investments developed for Hines Real Estate Securities, W.P. Carey, where Mr. Ford was President and National Sales Manager and Griffin Capital, where Mr. Ford was President and National Sales Manager.  Oakhurst Advisors is based in Beverly Hills, CA.