Liquid Alpha Summit by
Alternative Asset Events

“After a long day of trading, Wall Street hot shots are known to enjoy a fine beverage or two. But when it comes to liquid alternative investments, they’re darn near drunk.” – Jesse Solomon , CNN

Liquid Alpha Summit is a hyper network, 1-on-1 meeting and content driven conference bringing together leading professionals from the dynamically evolving Liquid Alts / 1940 Act / hedged mutual fund space at The University Club of New York. Liquid Alpha Summit will also host a Boot Camp for managers considering a Liquid Alts product, featuring interactive sessions with expert speakers and panelists, followed by practical workshops focused on the aspects of starting and dynamically building a successful Liquid Alts fund.

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Why Attend?


Here at Liquid Alpha Summit, gain hard to access knowledge on how to set up a liquid alt fund or how to invest in liquid alts. Learn what to look for in a portfolio manager and how to maximize marketing exposure in the liquid alts space.


At Liquid Alpha Summit networking is done formally during One-on-One meetings and informally at lunch and cocktail reception. The Summit provides an environment that is friendly to both formal networking and informal networking.

1-On-1 Meetings

One-on-One meetings facilitate connections among Advisors, Investors and Family Offices and leading Fund Managers. One-on-One meetings are the fastest, most efficient way to connect with industry professionals at a conference.


At Liquid Alpha Summit you can source new and potentially profitable deals, investments, business opportunities and Fund Managers. The conference is the perfect environment for building and nurturing relationships with new industry contacts.


Managers showcase their strategy to a wide array of Advisors & Investors. Advisors gain exposure to broad selection of portfolio managers. Sponsors are able to showcase their brand and services to potential customers.


Liquid Alpha Summit will grant you access to the liquid alternatives industry, providing a deep dive into liquid alternative content and top tier portfolio managers. Access to industry luminaries is unmatched by any other Liquid Alts conference.





Victor Park is Principal and Founder of Alternative Assets, a vertically and horizontally integrated hedge fund capital raising firm with three offices in the United States. In addition to being a Founding Partner the SALT conference, Mr. Park also hosts the Third Thursday Hedge Fund industry socials globally as well as produces the uniquely collaboratively structured Alternative Asset Summit annually in Las Vegas. A featured speaker at numerous industry events, Mr. Park served on Institutional Investors Magazine’s Annual Hedge Fund Awards Selection Committee, as well as serves on a number of industry advisory boards including The Alliance of Alternative Asset Professionals ( Mr. Park is also a Partner of Prodigy Partners, a US fund of funds that consists of Tiger Management seeded “cubs” and/or affiliated managers. A member of Mensa, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Trinity College and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from New York University’s Stern School.