Michael Felman

Michael Felman is President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors, a global multi-family office. Besides his own family office, his firm advises other family offices and a select group of high net worth individuals. With a combined 40 years of financial and legal experience, MSF Capital Advisors has the knowledge and expertise to help families deal with direct investments, wealth preservation, asset allocation, tax planning, business succession etc. Mr. Felman received his B.A from Clark University and J.D. from Pace University. Winner of Acquisition International 2013, 2014, 2015 Global Multi-Family Office award. Winner of Wealth & Finance International 2014 Global Multi-Family Office Award. A member of the NYU Stern and Princeton University Family Office Councils. A member of the Family Office Advisory Board for Tristate Capital. He is a frequent speaker at family office, hedge fund and emerging markets conferences.