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By Catherine E. Chambers

Pictures mix with vigorous illustrations and interesting, age-appropriate tales in DK Readers, a multilevel analyzing application sure to seize kid's curiosity whereas constructing their studying abilities and basic wisdom. Ape Adventures recounts a variety of real ape-human interactions, highlighting our complicated dating to those interesting creatures.

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46 Helping apes Today, responsible tourism and visits to sanctuaries help raise awareness of apes and their environments. The money raised goes toward saving the apes. Then he gripped a tree trunk with his strong arms and propelled himself away into the forest. No one spoke for a while. ” Joe whispered. ” Tony started the engine of the jeep. They moved off in silence, totally starstruck. The best presents are often the ones not asked for. v 47 Glossary Bonobo A small great ape with long arms and black hair that lives in the rain forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The air was hot and humid now. The family bounced along the bumpy, red-earth road. Then an excited voice cut sharply through the noise of the jeep. ” cried Joe. ” The jeep skidded to a stop and the family gazed at the wall of trees by the road. “That’s not a monkey,” cried Catherine. ” The total population may be fewer than 300 gorillas. They are only found around the border between Cameroon and Nigeria in Africa. Taking photos of them in the wild is extremely difficult, since they are rare and very wary of humans.

V 47 Glossary Bonobo A small great ape with long arms and black hair that lives in the rain forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Endangered Refers to a species in danger of becoming extinct throughout its habitat. Critically endangered refers to a species at highest risk. Forage To search and browse for food. Gibbon A small ape with a slender body and long arms that lives in the forests of southeast Asia. Habitat The natural environment where an animal lives. Illegal Refers to an action that is not allowed by law.

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