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Creation to animal mobile expertise /, Animal cells: uncomplicated strategies /, Cloning and expression of heterologous proteins in animal cells /, telephone metabolism and its regulate in tradition /, tradition media for animal cells /, Post-translational amendment of recombinant proteins /, Mechanisms of telephone proliferation and cellphone demise in animal phone tradition in vitro /, Mathematical types for development and product synthesis in animal phone tradition /, Bioreactors for animal cells /, tracking and regulate of telephone cultures /, Animal mobile separation /, Product purification strategies /, qc of biotechnological items /, Regulatory elements /, highbrow estate /, Recombinant healing proteins /, Monoclonal antibodies /, Viral vaccines: thoughts, rules, and bioprocesses /, Bioinsecticides /, mobile treatments and stem cells /, Gene remedy /; Paula Marques Alves, Manuel Jose Teixeira Carrondo, & Pedro Estilita Cruz --, Patricia Leo ... [et al.] --, Mariela Bollati-Fogolin & Marcelo A. Comini --, Paola Amable & Michael Butler --, Angela Maria Moraes, Ronaldo Zucatelli Mendonca, & Claudio Alberto Torres Suazo --, Michael Butler --, Maira Peixoto Pellegrini, Rodrigo Coelho Ventura Pinto, & Leda dos Reis Castilho --, Elisabeth F.P. Augusto, Manuel F. Barral, & Rosane A.M. Piccoli --, Ernesto Chico Veliz, Gryssell Rodriguez, & Alvio Figueredo Cardero --, Aldo Tonso --, Leda dos Reis Castilho & Ricardo de Andrade Medronho --, Angela Maria Moraes, Leda Castilho, & Sonia Maria Alves Bueno --, Marina Etcheverrigaray & Ricardo Kratje --, Maria Teresa Alves Rodrigues & Ana Maria Moro --, Ana Cristina Almeida Muller & Leila Costa Duarte Longa --, Maria Candida Maia Mellado & Leda dos Reis Castilho --, Wirla M.S.C. Tamashiro & Elisabeth F.P. Augusto --, Isabel Maria Vicente Guedes de Carvalho Mello ... [et al.] --, Marcia Regina da Silva Pedrini & Ronaldo Zucatelli Mendonca --, Hamilton da Silva Jr. & Radovan Borojevic --, Celio Lopes Silva ... [et al.]

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1993). In these cases, the progenitor cells transformed with the respective functional genes complement the immune system of patients. See Chapter 21 for a more extensive discussion on gene therapy. 5 Applications of animal cells in the development of new products The majority of the products currently in use are formed by chemical agents that can be potentially dangerous for human health. ). Every year thousands of new products are developed, which need to be adequately tested for toxicity. In February 2001, the European Commission adopted a ‘White Book’ defining a European strategy for chemical products.

5 Golgi complex This organelle is also known as the Golgi or Golgi apparatus and is named after the Italian cytologist Camilo Golgi, who was one of the first to study it. The Golgi has distinct forms in different cell types. The most characteristic arrangement is a stack of circular flattened vesicles, with variable sizes, each one held by a single membrane in which can be found smaller spherical vesicles that bud off from the larger ones. In many cells, the Golgi complex is situated near the cell nucleus but in other cells, it is dispersed in the cytoplasm.

After 1980, however, mAbs also started to be used in association with radio- 5 6 Animal Cell Technology active markers, in imaging methods, such as immunoscintillography. In addition, with higher doses of the radioactive agent used for tumor detection, it became possible to treat cancer. This is the ‘magic bullet’ concept initially proposed by Paul Ehrlich at the end of the 19th century. In this application, the antibody directs the radioactive product only to cancer cells, which express large amounts of surface tumor antigens.

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