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Analog technological know-how Fiction and truth, December 2014, quantity CXXXIV No. 12
Trevor Quachri, editor
Cover paintings by way of Shutterstock


"The Anomaly" via C. W. Johnson
"Humans First!" via Kyle Kirkland

Short Stories
"Dino Mate" through Rosemary Claire Smith
"Citizen of the Galaxy" by means of Evan Dicken
"Mammals" by way of David D. Levine
"Saboteur" by means of Ken Liu
"Twist of Coil" by way of Miki Dare
"Racing the Tide" through Craig DeLancey

"Crash" via John F. Keane

Science Fact
"Speared" through Tom Ligon, Stephanie Osborn, Arlan Andrews Sr

"Probability 0: All Too Human" through Paul Carlson
Guest Editorial: "A collection of Apocalypses" by means of Howard V. Hendrick
Alternate View: "Hacking the Genome Alphabet" by means of John G. Cramer
"Biolog: Rosemary Claire Smith" via Richard A. Lovettrtledove, Joe Haldeman and Ben Bova.

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