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Sir Horace Lamb (1849-1934) the British mathematician, wrote a few influential works in classical physics. A scholar of Stokes and Clerk Maxwell, he taught for ten years because the first professor of arithmetic on the college of Adelaide sooner than returning to Britain to soak up the put up of professor of physics on the Victoria college of Manchester (where he had first studied arithmetic at Owens College). As a instructor and author his said goal used to be readability: 'somehow to make those dry bones live'. the 1st version of this paintings used to be released in 1897, the 3rd revised version in 1919, and yet another corrected model prior to his dying. This version, reissued the following, remained in print till the Fifties. As with Lamb's different textbooks, every one part is by means of examples.

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On the other hand, there exists a unique k ≤ m such that l(w1 . . wk−1 ) > l(w1 . . wk ) = l(w1 . . wm ). By (EL2), m − k ≤ n, where n ∈ N is independent of w. Let a = l(w) and let w = w1 . . wk . Since S2 is gentle with respect to S1 , g(v) ≤ cg(w ) for any v ∈ Λa,w . 12-(1). Therefore there exists c > 0 such that g(v) ≤ c g(w) for any v ∈ Λa,w . 12-(2), we see that there exists p ∈ N such that g(vτ ) ≤ g(w) ≤ s for any τ ∈ Wp . ) This shows that, for any τ ∈ Wp and any v ∈ Λa,w , there exists a unique v such that vτ ≤ v and v ∈ Γs .

6 for details. First we define the notion of intersection pairs. 2. 1. (1) Define IP(L) by IP(L) = {(w, v)|w, v ∈ W# , Kw ∩ Kv = ∅, Σw ∩ Σv = ∅}. (w, v) ∈ IP(L) is called an intersecting pair of L. (2) Define A = {(A, B, ϕ)|A and B are nonempty closed subsets of V0 and ϕ : A → B is a homeomorphism between A and B}. There exists a natural map from IP(L) → A. 2.

Exchanging S1 and S2 , we see MVD (L, S1 ) = MVD (L, S2 ). Denote the collection of elliptic scales on Σ by ES(Σ). Then, by the above results, an equivalence class of ES(Σ)/∼ tells us whether a scale S is locally finite GE or not and determines MVD (L, S), the family of volume doubling measures with respect to S. Those facts raises our curiosity on the structure of ES(Σ)/∼ . In the GE following sections, we will study this problem in a restricted situation. We conclude this section by giving an important necessary condition for two self-similar scales being gentle.

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