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By Donald L. Piermattei

Third version of the vintage surgical atlas detailing operative techniques to orthopedic difficulties within the puppy and cat. insurance contains the pinnacle, vertebral column, scapula and shoulder joint, thoracic limb, pelvis and hip joint, hindlimb, and extra. It presents elevated emphasis on joint issues, in addition to 21 techniques and broad illustrations.

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6 Plastic finch nest box. The box is mounted on the outside of the cage for demonstration. can provide opportunity for this behavior although birds may lay eggs in boxes. Pigeons, passerines, and psittacines enjoy water bathing and may bathe in drinking water if not given other opportunities to bathe otherwise. Water can be provided in a bath or by spraying birds with a fine mist using a commercial sprayer. Finches and other small passerines require baths for several hours once a week to keep feathers in good health.

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