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1 Where was the first French colony in North America? A on the Mississippi River B on the Ohio River C on the Red River D on the St. Lawrence River 2 Who chartered the Virginia Company of London and the Plymouth Company? A Queen Isabella B Queen Elizabeth C King James I D King Ferdinand II 3 Who wrote the Mayflower Compact in 1620? A Puritans B Pilgrims C Native Americans D Spanish Armada 4 What is one important reason European explorers came to America? A to help the native peoples B to learn new languages C to buy and sell goods D to build better houses 5 Which European country built its first lasting settlement in Jamestown?

C They passed the Currency Act. D They refused to house British soldiers. indd 50 6 Why were the Sons of Liberty formed? A to protect the colonies from the French B to close American ports C to protest the Stamp Act D to respond to the Boston Massacre 7 Which American Patriot said, “Give me liberty or give me death”? A Samuel Adams B Patrick Henry C George Washington D Nathan Hale 8 What did The Committee of Correspondence do? A It settled disputes between two countries over land ownership. B It kept colonists informed of British actions against the colonies.

1780 May 12: The British take Charleston. August 16: The Battle of Camden is fought. October 7: The Battle of King’s Mountain is fought. 1781 October 19: General Cornwallis surrenders to the Americans at Yorktown. 1783 September 3: The Treaty of Paris (1783) is signed. November 25: British soldiers leave the American colonies. Tip: Look carefully at the timeline. Pay close attention to the time period it covers and the sequence of events. Refer to the timeline after you read each question. Be sure you read all the answer choices before you choose an answer.

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