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By Andy Hoare

At the fringes of the Imperium, rogue dealer Brielle Gerit and her workforce look for historical artefacts and incredible riches on a long-abandoned international. yet a mysterious psychic presence nags at their very souls and time has stopped obeying its personal legislation. what's it that haunts the darkness of the forsaken global, and will they break out it alive?

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Not too bad. " The scientist made a face. "Publicity. Personally, I prefer the times when wealthy aristocrats underwrote pure science. Politicians have no class. But then, it is not their approval that we seek, nicht wahr? " Low simply smiled and raised his cola. Brink was coming along as the representative of the EEC space authority. NASA could have insisted on another one of its own, but the exigencies of good public relations demanded otherwise. Besides, Brink was eminently qualified. Not only was he one of the world's two or three leading experts on meteorites and asteroids, with a shelf full of books and well-respected papers on the subject to his credit, he had spent months, not days, in space, as a researcher aboard the Mir II space station.

Doing so would have sent the public-relations people ballistic. There was something else he wanted to tell her, but the cheery Borden stole his speaking space. "Don't sweat it, Maggie. " Me too, Low thought, but none with the potential to blow me to bits. Then there were only seconds left, too few and too much to do in them, and finally not even that. A great roar, more vibration than sound, began beneath and behind them. Too overwhelming to allow for casual conversation or nervous jokes, it rose in volume until it dominated the universe.

Behind him the scientist chuckled softly. " Low gently caressed a small dial. He was a long way from the redwoods. A long ways from any woods. Dark and deep, he mused. " Robbins's irrepressible enthusiasm bordered on gushing. Low hated gushing. " Beside her, Cora Miles waited patiently, counting votes as she lay back in her seat. Until they were on the job, there was little for her to do. She'd already rehearsed her work, not to mention suitable sound bites for the media. Low was glad his copilot and Mission Control specialist were so outgoing.

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