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How do you mean? Nobody knew you were coming. " Guy said, "Look. Let's start at beginnings. Tell me, briefly, your position. " He took up his glass and took a swallow. The wine was excellent, clean and fruity and similar to a Soave from that area of Earth once known as Italy. Zeke took a deep draught of his own winea wiped his mouth with the back of a beefy paw and said, "All right. Here we go. It's got to the point on Amazonia where we can't stand it any longer, understand? Men I mean. " "All right.

Well, how do I tune on newscasts? " "I do not understand what you mean by news, Bachelor Thomas," the orderbox said. The voice was feminine, he noticed. Or what passed for feminine on this forsaken planet. "New, news," he said, surprised. "The day's developments on Amazonia and throughout United Planets, for that matter. Political events, scientific developments, sports results, fires, wrecks, air and spacecraft crackups if any, criminal cases, that sort of thing. " There was a pause. After a moment, the orderbox said, "We are sorry, there is no such service on Amazonia, Bachelor Thomas.

I've seen revolutionary organizations before, Zeke. In the clutch, you want…" "Aw, Teucer's all right. " Guy repeated. Zeke rubbed the bottom of his chin with a beefy paw. "Too many," he growled. He opened the door for the Octagon operative. "He's from Lybia," he added. "On the run from the police over there. " As a safety measure, Guy took a different route home, and covered the distance considerably more cautiously than he had in coming. His gun was handy to his fingers, and he stopped at each street crossing, looking both ways.

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