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By Iain M. Banks

Sharrow used to be the chief of a personality-attuned wrestle workforce in a single of the sporadic little advertisement wars within the civilization established round the planet Golter. Now she is hunted through the Huhsz, a spiritual cult which believes that she is the final hindrance earlier than the faith's apotheosis, and her in simple terms desire of get away is to discover the final of the apocalyptically robust Lazy weapons ahead of the Huhsz locate her.

Her trip during the unique Golterian approach is a harmful and savage odyssey into her earlier, and that of her kin and of the approach itself.

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They never told me to hesitate, they just make me do it, because the tapes are sure, they're so damned fucking sure, and nothing in the real world ever is— That's why we never make our own minds up. We've known something that has no doubt, and born-men never have. That's what's the matter with us— The boat hit something that jolted the deck, and Grant threw the wheel over and corrected furiously, sweating. Fool, indeed. He suddenly arrived at the meaning of it all and damned near holed his boat, which was the kind of thing that happened to born-men, Justin would say, just the same as anybody else; which was how things worked—a second cosmic truth, in sixty seconds.

He broke away and Grant ran after him, pelted downslope to intercept the road. Then they strolled at a more ordinary pace down through the floodlit intersections of the warehouses, the repair shops, the streets of the lower Town. The few guards awake at this hour were on the perimeters, to mind the compound fences and the weather reports, not two boys from the House bound down toward the airport road. The bakery and the mills ran full-scale at night, but they were far off across the town, distant gleam of lights as they left the last of the barracks.

Justin turned and ducked out of the door, hopped up on the deck and onto the echoing grating. He cast off the ties then, threw them aboard, shoved the big boat back with his foot and with his hands till it drifted clear, scraping the buffers. It swung round sideways, inert and dark, then caught the current off the boathouse and drifted, following the sweep of the main channel, turning again. He opened up the second boat and threw up the cover on the engine. The starter was electronic. He pulled the solid state board, dropped the cover down, closed the hatch behind him, and dropped the board into the water before he made the jump between the boat and the metal grid of the dock.

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