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By David G. Harnden, A. M. R. Taylor (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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In a population of 5 x 10 tO lymphocytes in man, any detectable clone (usually 3 or more cells in 100 cells analyzed) will represent many millions of cells in the body, and there must be undetected clones that might appear occasionally as a single cell with a stable rearrangement during analysis. An argument might be made for taking all stable rearrangements as representing clones, since we sample only about 10-8 of the total cells. This would make the spontaneous occurrence of the 7/14 translocation in normal subjects at a frequency of 4 x 10-4 very high.

Both the HSRs 11 and the minutes 257 appear to replicate early. Pickthall,224 in describing a case of bronchial carci- Chapter 1: Chromosomes and Neoplasia 33 noma, refers to double minutes that were present in small numbers in many cells and that stained darkly with C-banding technique, suggesting that they were centric heterochromatin. On the other hand, Atkin, 7 in describing a poorly differentiated papillary adenocarcinoma of the ovary, refers to double minutes present in numbers up to over 100 per cell that did not stain darkly with C-banding and were therefore presumed to be euchromatic.

59 There is one report on a cell line cultured from a tumor of the bladder that is quite reasonably banded. 210 O'Toole and colleagues conclude, however, that though the chromosomes are abnormal, there is no clearcut stem line either at early or at late passage. Carcinoma of the Lung The majority of lung tumors of whatever type show chromosome abnormalities. Once again, it seems necessary to make a clear distinction between primary tumors on the one hand and metastatic disease or pleural effusions or ascitic fluid on the other.

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