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By G. Opelz, R. Janßen (auth.), Dr. Rainer Janßen, Professor Dr. Gerhard Opelz (eds.)

Computer functions in treatment were vastly expanding over the past ten years. mixed with different digital units, pcs can produce pictures which signify human organ sections. this type of technique to get informations on sufferer organs generally improves di­ agnosis and surgical procedure potency. yet we will be able to struggle through a brand new step by way of producing 3­ dimensional versions of those organs and by means of exhibiting them. so much of analysis during this quarter makes a speciality of the visualization procedure. yet, with the intention to successfully make the most the information accrued and processed by means of the pc, we have to create a high-level 3-dimensional version of the organ to be displayed. An interactive method of get this kind of version is defined during this paper because the technique to use it for the learn of kidney anatomy. I. 20 and 30 information visualization in treatment Classical X-ray radiographs provide us a projection of human physique internal elements, with an enhancement of high-density parts. yet they can't provide us a whole view of organs, similar to in cross-sections. fresh imaging thoughts remedy this challenge, frequently by way of computing these sections from a collection of projections alongside assorted instructions. Physicians can then get an entire exam of organs by utilizing such equipments as X-ray scanners or these generating magazine­ netic Resonance, ultrasonic or radionuclide photos. the data accrued at the organ (density, acoustic estate, etc.

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Months 48 Figure 9. Relation of risk function to survival curve. 1 18 Time after Transplant. Months 24 ° Figure 10. Risk ratio, cadaver to parent donor, plotted against time after transplant. 20~--------------------------------~ Risk. Cadaver Ratio: - - - - Risk. , 4 > Q) 1~~~~~--~---=~~~~~------~ 12 18 Time after Transplant. Months 24 49 Figure 11. Contrast of transplant transfusions year post transplant. 00 16 - - - · - - - 8 10 1 20 25 Number of Pre-Transplant Transfusions. x Figure 12. Stylized risk function (based transplants> with change points indicated.

The flexibility of the program is well illustrated by the analysis of Silks et al. (5,6). g. 1 mentioned would not take into account data could collection. The difficult statistical models discovered from question in seems transplant model based to be that of the role of research. " the "What, thought to be to be incorrect on known from the basis of model based If we had truly impressive achievements questions would without answers. approach is One not be raised. distinctive that since other work, to point to, But we are not entirely feature of the model based it is based on the idea of uniqueness of each transplant, it provides predictions of outcome for potential transplants <1,17).

22. SAS Institute Edition. 23. Inc. , 1985. SAS Institute Inc. SUGI Supplemental Library User's Guide, 1983 Edition. , 1983. 24. Mickey RM, Elashoff Haenszel estimator RM. of partial Biometrics 1985; 41:623-635. A Generalization of the Mantel- association for 2 X J X K tables. 40 LEGENDS FOR FIGURES Figure 1. Example illustrating model for per cent graft survival additive on linear scale. Figure 2. Relation of legit scale to linear scale. Note that the "stretching" is symmetrical and extends indefinitely in both directions.

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