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Be sure your scholars have entry to the authoritative, in-depth and obtainable content material of this sequence for the IB heritage degree. This sequence for the IB historical past degree has taken the readability, accessibility, reliability and in-depth research of our best-selling entry to heritage sequence and tailored it to higher healthy the IB learner's wishes. each one identify within the sequence presents intensity of content material, focussed on particular issues within the IB heritage advisor, and exam assistance on diverse exam-style questions - supporting scholars increase an excellent wisdom and realizing of the subject along the talents they should do good. - guarantees scholars achieve an exceptional figuring out of the IB heritage subject via an attractive, in-depth, trustworthy and updated narrative - provided in an obtainable means. - is helping scholars to appreciate historic matters and consider the facts, via offering a wealth of suitable resources and research of the historiography surrounding key debates. - provides scholars information on answering exam-style questions with version solutions and perform questions

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This concept called for the declaration of war by all members of the League on any country that declared war on a member state. It was hoped that the threat of group action against an aggressor would force countries to resort to negotiation and arbitration to settle disputes. What was the significance of the creation of the League of Nations? KEY TERM Collective security An agreement between nations that an aggressive act towards one nation will be treated as an aggressive act towards all nations under the agreement.

When you start your answer it is good practice to use the wording in the question to help you focus your answer. For example: Question Begin your answer with … According to Source X, what is the The significance of the Treaty of significance of The Treaty of London? London, according to Source X is … What was the importance of the Treaty of The importance of the Treaty of London London according to Source X? according to Source X was … What was Clemenceau’s view on war According to Source X, Clemenceau’s reparations according to Source X?

The consequence of all these conflicting pressures was that the exact total of reparations to be paid by Germany was not stated in the Treaty of Versailles. How significant were the changes to Germany’s borders as dictated by the Treaty of Versailles? Territorial adjustments Minor territorial changes It was accepted, even by many Germans, that the predominantly Danish northern Schleswig, annexed by Prussia in 1866, should be returned to Denmark. There was therefore general agreement that a plebiscite should be held to determine the size of the area to be handed back.

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