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By Ryuei Nishii, Shin-ichiro Ei, Miyuki Koiso, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Kanzo Okada, Shingo Saito, Tomoyuki Shirai

This booklet offers with the most novel advances in mathematical modeling for utilized medical know-how, together with special effects, public-key encryption, facts visualization, statistical info research, symbolic calculation, encryption, mistakes correcting codes, and probability administration. It additionally indicates that arithmetic can be utilized to unravel difficulties from nature, e.g., slime mildew algorithms.

One of the original positive aspects of this publication is that it indicates readers easy methods to use natural and utilized arithmetic, specifically these mathematical theory/techniques constructed within the 20th century, and constructing now, to resolve utilized difficulties in different fields of undefined. each one bankruptcy contains clues on tips to use "mathematics" to resolve concrete difficulties confronted in in addition to functional applications.

The audience isn't really restricted to researchers operating in utilized arithmetic and comprises these in engineering, fabric sciences, economics, and existence sciences.

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Namely, the order of E(a, b, p) is approximately as large as p. Given two points P1 = (x1 , y1 ), P2 = (x2 , y2 ) on elliptic curves E(a, b, p) which are different from ∧, the addition P1 + P2 = (x ∀ , y ∀ ) can be computed by Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography 39 Fig. 2 Addition and doubling on elliptic curves x ∀ = ε2 − x 1 − x 2 , ε= y ∀ = ε(x1 − x ∀ ) − y1 , (y2 − y1 )/(x2 − x1 ) for P1 → = ±P2 (3x12 + a)/(2y1 ) for P1 = P2 . (2) Addition P1 + P2 , (P1 →= ±P2 ) and doubling 2P1 on an elliptic curve E(a, b, p) are, respectively, denoted by ECADD and ECDBL.

Beukers [2] in the case of the Apéry numbers. We have shown in [14] that the differential equation satisfied by the generating function w2 (t) of J2 (n) is the Picard-Fuchs equation for the universal family of elliptic curves equipped with rational 4-torsion: φ AL w2 (t) = 0. The parameter t of this family is regarded as a modular function for the congruence subgroup 0 (4)(≥ = (2)) ∞ S L 2 (Z). Moreover, one observes ([14]) that w2 (t) is considered as a 0 (4) meromorphic modular form of weight 1 in the variable τ as )2 the classical Legendre modular function t (τ ) = − θθ4 (τ 4 .

2 Heun Differential Operators In this section, we follow the results from [34]. Recall the operator R ∈ U (sl2 ). Then, one observes ⎥ ⎤ 1 2 −2 − 2 coth 2κ) θz + a (R) = (z + z 2 2(εν)2 1 2ν ⎦ 1 (θz + − ν) + , + (a − )(z 2 − z −2 ) + 2 sinh 2κ 2 sinh 2κ where θz = zϕz . Hence, conjugating by z a−1 one obtains the following lemma. 28 M. Wakayama Lemma 5 For each integer a one has ⎤ 1 z −a+1 a (R)z a−1 = (z 2 + z −2 − 2 coth 2κ)(θz + a − ) 2 2ν ⎦ 1 2(εν)2 1 2 −2 (θz + a − − ν) + . + (a − )(z − z ) + 2 sinh 2κ 2 sinh 2κ Furthermore, notice that the operators a (H ), a (E) and a (F) are invariant under the symmetry z ≤ −z.

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